green gift wrapping

mag gift wrapping 1

mag gift wrapping 2

Wrapping your Christmas pressies this weekend? Why not recycle old magazines to create beautiful gift wrapping that’s unique and makes the Earth smile! These pressies are wrapped using pages from the Winter 2007 edition of the Dutch Textile View mag and finished with satin ribbon and Christmas tape.

So how can you create this?

Flip through old magazines and find pages with images and colours that appeal to you or the recipient of your gift. Design, fashion and art magazines can provide you with endless options to create a unique gift wrap.

Fold one long edge slightly of each page and join two pages using double-sided tape. Once you’ve created your collage of pages, wrap the present as usual and finish off with decorative Christmas tape or washi masking tape, along with a simple ribbon that shows off your paper.

Your family and friends will receive something truly unique while you can feel good knowing that you’ve recycled something that may have otherwise ended up in the bin or left in a mag rack to collect dust!

Happy wrapping!