mag ornament creations

chris balls

Continuing on with making the Earth smile, magazines aren’t just fabulous for gift wrapping but can also be a gorgeous way to create your own decorations. These ornament balls are made using pages from the Nov/Dec 2011 edition of Frankie Magazine.

They look lovely when hung or placed around the home to add a touch of festivity to your surroundings. They’re heaps of fun to create and will be something truly unique for your celebrations. I learnt how to make these at a recent Christmas workshop. Below is a super quick “how-to” guide. If you want the detail and are in Melbourne, you may like to make your way to’s next workshop.

All you need is the largest square piece you can make from a magazine page. Try to use paper that’s a heavier stock so it keeps its shape. You’ll also need paper fasteners (brads) and a pair of scissors.

Cut strips out of your square paper (approximately 1.5 cm) – you should get approximately 9. Pile the strips together and with a pin or a small hole punch make a small hole at each end of the strip pile. Add a paper fastener on each end and then slowly separate the strips to reveal the ball ornament. It’s super fun and with lovely mag prints, you’ll get a different look each time.