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Heart new

Think about your special someone, your fab gal pal, your Mum, your gorgeous sister – those wonderful people that light up your world, making you feel extra special!

Sweet pea is all about celebrating those beautiful people. The collection is filled with mini hearts, flower buttons and pressies – all ready for you to write your heart out and give love and hugs to your fav ones!

Paper featured in this collection is from all around the world – Tokyo, Takayama, London and Brisbane. What’s most exciting is the papers in this collection have involved some very special people. I bought the paper from Tokyo and Takayama with my lovely husband. Paper from London was sourced by my gorgeous gal pal who was travelling around Europe last year and the paper from Brisbane was selected by my beautiful sister-in-law when she, Mum and I were browsing all things lovely at the weekend markets!

Sweet pea – welcome to the world of super cuteness!

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