origami flowers with vase

Flower Pot Sunday 20th

An empty diffuser bottle which was about to be recycled was suddenly saved thanks to printed paper, washi tape and the mood for origami.

This is so quick to make, looks super lovely and of course the flowers will stand the test of time!

The only tricky bit is making the flowers but once you’ve found an origami flower that you like making, a couple of practice rounds is all you need to get the design just right. Once you’re in the swing of it, within minutes you will have created an array of gorgeous flowers.

The bottle used here is from an old diffuser set. Diffuser bottles have a lovely shape, so it doesn’t take much to make them look super special. I first tried paper to decorate the bottle and then satin ribbon but in the end, the simplicity of washi tape was all it took to create the special look.

Create your own to brighten up your office or a corner in your favourite room!

What you need



Here is what you need to create this origami flowers and vase piece:

  • glass bottle
  • origami or printed paper (approximately 7 x 7 cm sheets)
  • bamboo skewers (length will depend upon your bottle size and you can shorten using sharp scissors)
  • washi tape (just one is fine but two tapes will add a double-tone to the bottle)
  • cotton twine
  • craft glue.

What to do

Create the origami flowers. You may already have a favourite origami flower that you like to make or you can check out YouTube for a variety of different origami flower instructions. The ones featured in this post are buttonhole flowers from Rich Beech’s book – The Origami Handbook.

Using craft glue, attach each flower to a bamboo skewer. When gluing, you may need to slightly twist the bottom part of some flowers so that some of them face up and some face sideways to create a bouquet-look.

While the glue dries on the stems, decorate the bottle with washi tape. It’s totally up to you how you wish to use the washi tape. The tape holds to glass really well so there’s no need for extra glue.

To finish, tie a little bow around the top of the bottle with cotton twine and place the flowers in the bottle.

And there you have it! You’ve reused a bottle and created flowers that are full of colour and won’t fade for a long time!

Happy folding!