maharaja – ethos, elegance and elephants

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Whenever I’ve seen a period Indian movie, I’ve been fascinated with the beauty of that time. The palaces, the people, the furnishings and of course the elephants – all wonderfully spectacular and beautifully magnificent. One of the most amazing features of period Indian design is the balance of print on print. If you visit old temples or palaces in India you’ll see beautifully detailed ornaments featured over equally stunning backdrops. It’s as if both the background and foreground, although busy, balance each other in harmony.

The origami paper featured in the maharaja collection is handmade Indian paper sourced in Melbourne. The collection features flora, hearts and ornaments based on traditional Indian designs, many over a printed backdrop. The most exciting feature of this collection is the elephant. One of my favourite origami animals, the elephant is not only majestic but a staple reminder of that beautiful era. It is my dream to one day ride on an elephant, but till then I’ll make do by enjoying folding paper into elephants and sharing them with you all.

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