rosa ~ shades of loveliness


When I started working on this collection I thought about what I wanted to create next and as I started sourcing the paper, card stock and envelopes, hues of pink became irresistible to ignore. And before I knew it, the Rosa collection came to life.

All of the cards in this collection highlight at least one shade of pink and the smaller framed cards with a pink shade backdrop come with a matching pink French Claire Fontaine envelope – just to add a little extra loveliness. The collection features handmade origami pieces made from handmade Indian paper and paper from the frankie gift paper book, both sourced from Melbourne, Australia.

So why pink? Well as soon as I saw each of the papers I’ve used in this collection, I thought of my Mum. Her love of every shade of pink has been perpetual since I can remember. It doesn’t matter if it’s magenta, fuchsia, baby pink or blush, every shade adorns her wardrobe.

Of all of the shades, the deeper magenta has been her favourite and one of my pinkest memories of her is when I was 12 and we were at my Uncle’s wedding and my Mum wore this amazing magenta silk sari. She looked like a gorgeous princess with her hair in small braids tied up in a bun and pretty gold jewellery completing her look. She still has that sari and showed it to me recently and the memories came flooding back.

So for all the lovely pinks, as lovely as my Mum, I’m excited to introduce you all to rosa.

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