kishmish moon goes to the markets

market day collageLast Saturday was kishmish moon’s first market day. I had been anticipating this day for weeks. As soon as kishmish moon’s application was accepted for The Rose Street Artists’ Market, my mind went racing on stall design, new product concepts and market day offers. Then the night before I couldn’t sleep… like a child on Christmas Eve – just waiting for morning to come.

And then before I knew it, we were all set-up, the market opened and people started to pour in. It was truly a surreal moment indeed.

One of the most wonderful elements of the market was instant feedback from shoppers. It was great to see people’s reaction on different cards. The “ooohing” and “aahhhing” for the origami maharaja elephants, the giggles on the origami shirt cards and the “awwwwwws” on the rosa collection were priceless. It gave me the same thrill as when I receive a message on Facebook or a lovely email from one of my customers.

Before I knew it, the day was over and we were packing up with all smiles. I’m already looking forward to my next market day already!

There are some things that I learnt through this day that I’d love to share with you if you’re thinking of setting up your own market:

  • Learn from the experts! Talking to people who have done this before or do this regularly is invaluable. They have so much experience to share and their advice can be gold! I attended a workshop at Craft Victoria on being market ready and I’m so glad I did because the advice at that workshop really helped me plan out my stall and my day.
  • Trial your stall set-up! Planning out the set-up beforehand helped to get all the elements right and made it super quick to set-up on the day. This was a life-saver for us on the day! We had a bit of a mishap that morning and ended-up arriving quite late to the market. So rather than having two hours to set-up, we only had 45 minutes. OMG! I was so sure we were going to fall apart before we had even begun. Everyone was well into their set-up and we had just arrived. But because we had planned beforehand, it took just 25 minutes to set-up and “ta-da” – we were ready! Phew!
  • Contact cards are a must! So many people come and browse and many are just a step away from purchasing so it’s important to have something that potential customers can take away with them so they can browse online and hopefully make a purchase later.
  • Enjoy! Have a great time on market day. Greet your customers with a smile and treasure the moments when someone asks about your brand, your products, your philosophy. If you’re passionate about what you’ve created, it’ll definitely shine through.

Of course, the market day wouldn’t have been possible without kishmish moon’s photographer and my hubby Navneet. Also, thank you to all my gorgeous friends that visited the stall and joined on my first market day. It was so wonderful to have all that support!

Check out the markets page for next market dates.