menswear ~ it all started with a fab dad

Father's day
When putting together the collection of origami shirt cards, I couldn’t help smile when the work shirts were finished. They all reminded me of my Dad – funny, quirky and a lot of beige and blue: two of Dad’s favourite clothing colours.

Dads – what can you say? I guess I can only describe them using my own Dad as a reference.

Dad and I together have had some pretty awesome moments. We’ve travelled overseas together, seen endless reruns of our favourite sitcoms (ok my favourite), and talked for hours and hours – often planned our next big idea, sometimes even world domination (we haven’t gotten very far with that one)!

For me, Dad is my friend, mentor, and my ultimate one-man cheer squad. If I’ve ever doubted myself, he’s reinforced such confidence in me that he’s made me believe that I truly can do anything.

When I was younger, Father’s Day was all about breakfast in the morning with Mum’s help, followed by a barrage of handmade or daggy Dad gifts. He still pays us out for getting him after shave & socks for four years straight.

And now we’re all grown up and the gifts have dramatically improved but the love and hugs and that lovely warm feeling when you’re around Dad remains the same.

So today like always is a wonderful day to give thanks to your biggest fan and one-man cheer squad – thanks Dad!

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!