how to: origami fan napkins

origami napkin

For those who know me well, know how much I love the show Friends and for those who love the show would know Phoebe’s infamous management of cups and ice at Rachel’s birthday party in Season 5 (for those who are now craving to watch it, it’s season 5, episode 18… enjoy!).

Growing up, when Mum and Dad would throw one of their epic dinner parties, they would often give my brother and I inane tasks during set-up – one of them being placing napkins on plates. For us that was our “cups and ice” moment.

Here’s a simple origami fan napkin that is as easy to make as it is delightful to look at. Maybe something to try at your next dinner party:


What you need

  • Square napkins
  • 1 peg
fan - what you need

How to…

Open up the napkin so it’s now a rectangular shape.


Fold 1 cm pieces forwards and backwards up to the middle crease.


Fold the napkin in half so your folded part looks like a closed fan and there’s an unfolded tail at the end. Crease the folds well to make sure they’re all in place and place the peg on the fan to hold it in place.

FullSizeRender copy

Fold the top right corner of the tail end towards the fan end so the top edge lines up with the back of the fan.


Now fold the remaining part 90 degrees so it becomes the base of your fan.


Unclip the peg and there you have it, your origami fan napkin!


Fun tip: Fold two different patterned napkins together for an even more elaborate look!