timeless love cards for ardent romantics


There’s nothing better on a rainy day than to curl up with some tea and a beautiful Jane Austen novel. As the rain hits the window pane, music plays softly in the background and I disappear into a world of beautiful dialogue and captivating moments.

For any one who loves Jane Austen, you know that once you’ve read her books, what sticks with you are those gorgeous quotes. The passionate confessions of the forever kind of love, the heart-melting proposals, the admiration of the one you’ve loved from afar – it’s all breathtaking poetry.

When designing a new set of love cards, I thought why not bring in a touch of loveliness from Jane Austen’s world. These cards feature origami hearts made from beautiful paper sourced from around the world and then a quote from one of Jane Austen’s wonderfully articulate characters.

For those whose heart swoons over beautiful, classical quotes that still melt hearts today, this card is for you! Perfect cards for an ardent Jane Austen fan or for an occasion where only the perfection of an elegant quote will do.

Timeless love – available now on Etsy


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