Strike a pose! Vogue! Upcycled cards for fashionistas

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In a small cafe, down tiny little laneways in the middle of Rome, I found myself a little spot  away from the hustle and bustle. As I sipped on my Ciccollata, I browsed through a beautiful edition of Vogue Italia – not knowing any of the words but just happily admiring the designs, the layout of the magazine and the beautiful images. It was my last day in Rome and also the last day of what had been an amazing trip around Europe. It was pure bliss sitting there.

Years later, that Vogue magazine, along with numerous other Vogues collected from around the world sit on my bookshelf. They’ve all been perused, admired and loved but what now?

I didn’t have the heart to throw them away but I couldn’t have them gathering dust either. And so the i heart fashion range for kishmish moon was created.

Each card’s background and origami feature piece is made from pages of a Vogue magazine. Only one edition of a magazine is used so no two cards will ever be the same. You are getting something completely unique! It’s the perfect accompaniment to a gift for that fashion-forward friend!

i heart fashion – available on Etsy now