kishmish moon brings you handmade cards and gift accessories made right here in Melbourne, featuring paper from around the world, lovingly folded in origami styles

story behind the name

The word kishmish is one of the first words in Hindi I clearly recall learning. I was only five and remember my Grandma making semolina pudding  (still one of my favourite desserts). As the semolina heated in the pan, she opened a myriad of containers and cupboards. Few moments pass by with more cupboards and containers being opened and closed and then she sighed, “I think we’ve run out of kishmish”. In my very basic Hindi that I had only just started learning, I asked her what kishmish was. She paused as she considered how to define it without knowing the word for it in English. Then with a gorgeous smile, she replied, “…something small, something sweet”. I later on found out that kishmish was Hindi for sultanas but for me it’ll always be my Grandma’s definition.

What about the moon? The Hindi word for moon makes part of my name. So for me kishmish moon is something small, something sweet and something that’s a little part of me. Every kishmish moon product is lovingly handmade and ready for you to start your own story.

story behind the cards

All kishmish moon cards feature origami-inspired designs. Origami is my childhood delight and beautiful paper is my weakness. I started origami when I was six years old. Hours would go by sitting with my Mum as she patiently worked on new designs with me using napkins, old newspapers and magazines, and sometimes even Dad’s work papers (oops!). As I grew-up, I also fell in love with prints and patterns, especially on paper. I love how designs can vary remarkably from place to place, yet all are equally beautiful.

I hope you’ll enjoy the kishmish moon collections as much as I enjoy designing them.

Chandni Gupta
Owner & Designer